Sabtu, April 18, 2009

Caricature: Architecture In Caricature

Writing about caricature again. I found( actually, i searched for it lah!) these interesting caricatures of famous architects by Louis Hellman. Hellman draws series of caricatures of architects in a way that reflecs their own architectural style.
I first saw Hellman's drawings during my university days in mid-1990s.The complete drawings can be found in his book, Archi-Tetes: The Id in the Grid. The Archi-tetes series was actually conceived in 1984 as an entry to a cartoon competition held by the Architectural Review magazine.

Here are few samples of Hellman's architects caricatures. I added the architects photos and their buildings.The first is Spain(read: Catalan) legendary architect, Antonio Gaudi, famous for his highly individualistic and unique, organic architecture. The second, Frank O. Gehry , the superstar architect famous for his curvaceous metal buildings. The third one is caricature of Prince Charles(.. Yup! The Prince of Wales) who was known to be an advocate of neo-traditional ideas.

Hellman himself is an architect and worked as cartoonist for Architectural Review magazine since 1967. Want to know who the Hell(man) is he? Go to

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